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Jewels of Atum Ra

Our Jewels of Atum Ra Ancient Egyptian Jewellery is inspired by ancient Egypt including Isis, Horus, Cleopatra, Bast the Cat God, Tutankhamun, Osiris and more. Exquisitely designed amulets, some with matching earrings for pierced ears and finished in gold and/or silver, and some with Swarovski crystals. This is one of my favourite jewellery ranges, particularly great for lovers of Egypt, mythology and Pagans who like to draw on Ancient Egypt and it's rich traditions and lore. Each item is presented in a clear presentation box and with an 18" chain.
Ancient Egyptian Pendants and Earrings - Bast Cat, Anubis, Osiris, Eye of Horus and more

Jewels of Atum Ra

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