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Magickal Pentagrams

A key symbol in the western magickal tradition, the Pentagram is a 5-pointed star representing the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water surmounted by the Spirit. The Magickal Pentagrams in this range come from a number of different magickal traditions and were designed for many different purposes. Magickal Pentagrams come in a purple and clear box and are produced in lead free pewter, some garnished with beautiful crystals. Each piece is supplied with a leaflet giving full details of its origins, benefits and qualities, together with a sample ceremony to enable you to consecrate and empower it. All come with a matching chain.
Magickal Jewellery and Pagan Pentagrams, Amulets, Celtic Pendants, Celtic Necklaces, Pagan Symbols

Magickal Pentagrams

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