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Voodoo Charms Positive Magic

Positive Magick for Positive Energy - Voodoo, an ancient practise of magick with thousands of secret followers, is a very powerful and effective method of achieving specific goals and as such, Voodooism is now a widely recognised mystical art. For an effective result, follow the simple included instructions to cleanse your voodoo charm, perform a voodoo ritual and then leave your offering to the specific Voodoo ‘Loa’ (god / goddess) to ensure completion of your wish, offerings are given. The voodoo ritual must be performed after sunset when the moon is dark.
Magickal Jewellery and Wicca Amulets, Voodoo Pendants, Voodoo Necklaces, Egyptian Jewellery, Pagan Symbols, Gothic Jewellery

Voodoo Charms Positive Magic

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